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  •  Timmy Pawlenty weighed in on the... (10+ / 0-)

    ... (false) "issue" of the NYC Muslim community center (which will also have a room for prayer) and said it is 'hallowed ground, sacred ground.'  Nope.  It's the site of a major crime (forensic evidence taken and now removed, waiting for another skyscraper to be built so corporations can profit handsomely from the business who rent office space there), and it's the site of past big business, but it's most assuredly not holy or sacred.

    As for "hating us for our freedoms" - WHAT "freedoms"?!?  Our rights were given away by a bunch of stupid Congress Critters after 9/11, starting with our right to free speech, the Fourth Estate gave up their questioning government and started drinking the Repuke Kool-Aid.  Our right to privacy was given up in several ways: we are spied upon via phone, email, fax, IM, and via video on our computers if we choose to have web cams.  If we travel by plane, we have to promise our next unborn and agree to strip searches, if demanded, for the "privilege" of flying on a plane for which the price of tickets is now superceded by the price of what were once perks: meals, pillows, blankets....

    How to Avoid the Prying Eyes
    High court trims Miranda warning rights bit by bit
    Miranda warnings are now being chipped away by the recent SCOTUS decision.

    Out-of-date documents were released to the public via WikiLeaks and politicians want to go after the fellow who doesn't even know who passed the papers on to him..., when they should be going after the two psychopaths who lied us into two illegal, unethical, dishonorable, invasions which are war crimes, not to mention the fact that they approved torture (of ALL horrors), and there are prisoners still at Gitmo and our troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan in spite of the fact that nowhere in the US military manuals does it state that the US military is responsible for setting up puppet democracies in third world countries.  Dumbya and Dickie should either be in jail for the rest of their unnatural lives or they should be still on trial for what they have done to this country.

    Unemployment is rife, and corporations still want their tax cuts to be extended while they make record-setting profits.  In our state the pro-sports teams owned by men who make the Fortune 500 list every year want the taxpayers to foot the bill for playgrounds for their overpaid boys as our state budget for education and social services and medical costs have been cut.  Gee, thanks Repuke Asshole Timmy!  (Keep in mind, this jerk wants to be prez!)

    I could go on, but we all know the litany of lost "freedoms" since 2000, including two stolen elections....

    "They hate us for our freedoms" is one of the most vague and obnoxious false patriotic claptrap phrases ever uttered in the last ten years.

    WHAT "freedoms" do we have for which anyone hates us...???

    I'm still embarrassed and ashamed to be an American because our elected officials refuse to charge our lying war criminals for their crimes.  Thanks, but I'd rather have the freedoms of civilized countries.

    They're asking for another four years -- in a just world, they'd get 10 to 20. ~~ Dennis Kucinich

    by NonnyO on Tue Aug 10, 2010 at 06:35:46 AM PDT

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