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    It boggles the mind that the military judge could find that Khadr was not coerced and gave these statements to interrogators voluntarily.  Khadr, then 15 years old, was taken to Bagram near death, after being shot twice in the back, blinded by shrapnel, and buried in rubble from a bomb blast.  He was interrogated within hours, while sedated and handcuffed to a stretcher.  He was threatened with gang rape and death if he didn't cooperate with interrogators.  He was hooded and chained with his arms suspended in a cage-like cell, and his primary interrogator was later court-martialed for detainee abuse leading to the death of a detainee.  During his subsequent eight-year (so far) detention at Guantánamo, Khadr was subjected to the "frequent flyer" sleep deprivation program and he says he was used as a human mop after he was forced to urinate on himself.

    Wow, really puts things in perspective. I would like to hear Gibbs address this matter at a briefing but am not holding my breath - not while there are unpunched hippies wandering the country.

    The Teabaggers are the GOP base

    by stevej on Tue Aug 10, 2010 at 08:54:12 AM PDT

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