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View Diary: POLL: PRIVATIZE HOMELAND SECURITY??? (14 comments)

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  •  THESE ARE NEW GUYS. (none)
    The lifelong agenda of the nominee for Deputy Secretary of Homeland Defense is outsourcing, privatizing, and logrolling HUGE govt contracts to his former and future bosses.

    His new boss, nominee Chertoff is a go-along to get-along kinda guy, with a flair for BIG headlines that get retracted a year later on page twelve, in small print. But he does make his boss look good, usually, temporarily. Two guys, just lookin' to get along in the world... On our dime.

    Fahgeddabout money to the local yokels: Loyal Repukes will get some, but the rest will now be earmarked for the big contractors who own Bushco. There's still billions sitting there since 9/11. Just waiting for two guys like this to pork it out. Watch for it.

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