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  •  What Makes You Legal, Alien? (0+ / 0-)

    This is a country of immigrants.  The "illegal aliens" have, in general, better claims to ancestry in the territory of the United States than most citizens.

    Once INS moved to start deporting undocumented Irish from Boston.  When an uproar ensued, they quickly went back to deporting the despised ones.

    American citizens have been deported.  INS says it's not their fault.  People have to prove they are citizens.  How many times have you had to prove you are a citizen?  

    What's the difference between you and the Latino that has to prove he/she is a citizen?

    Now you have your answer, alien.

    BTW immigrants have always been an economic boon to this country rather than otherwise.  They have often been exploited most cruelly.  Arizona is discovering what intelligent observers have known for a very long time if they are not imbued with the xenophobia that has threatened this country from before its founding.

    Best,  Terry

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