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    Matt Z, talismanlangley

    After what the Mormons went through in the 1800s (they have one of the few claims to actual religious persecution in America, although not anymore, IMO), you'd THINK that the leadership would KNOW BETTER than to act how they've been acting.

    I was in grad school with a woman who was shunned because of her faith (and this was Harvard no less. I was very disappointed.) We became friends and she loaned me her great, great grandmother's diary which started in Pennsylvania and ended in Utah over the course of I think 3 years. Of course, along the way there were children, parents, fellow travelers lost. "Indian" attacks, famine, winters, illness, everything you can imagine. She was 9 when she started the diary. And this is what I meant by Darwin's cupid arrows of death. This is a population that has been naturally selected. The results show in their looks, smarts, etc.

    The religious persecution aspect is one I had never considered, so thank you for bringing that up. I will consider that more as I think it may have an influence on just why the Institution behaves as it does. Is this Abused acting like the Abuser?

    Regardless, and as much as I think of Mormon people as pretty classy and decent folks, I have some issues with Joseph Smith and the whole premise. But, none of that here. I don't want to be offense and I think I could be on this issue if I am not careful.

    Borrowed time is borrowed trouble.

    by TheIsleOfMan on Thu Aug 12, 2010 at 12:14:38 PM PDT

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      Matt Z, TheIsleOfMan

      her great, great grandmother's diary which started in Pennsylvania and ended in Utah over the course of I think 3 years

      I would LOVE to read something like that; church history has always been fascinating to me.  I even like "The Work & the Glory" series (by Gerald Lund), even though it's from a VERY pro-LDS perspective and falls more under historical fiction than straight history book.

      Darwin's cupid arrows of death

      I quite like that phrase.

      I have many, many issues with the founding, and a lot of the "spiritual" aspects, but one thing I DO give Joseph Smith credit for was sticking with it til the end.  I honestly can't say that I would have had that much conviction to go to Carthage Jail, you know?

      This has been a most ... unexpected conversation.  It'd be interesting to carry it on off-thread, if you're amenable.  :)

      America's military went to war. America went to the mall.

      by talismanlangley on Thu Aug 12, 2010 at 12:46:31 PM PDT

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