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  •  The disputes that lead up to WWI and WWII (0+ / 0-)

    didn't look like much at the time either.

    Bomb throwing idiots in some central European backwater that no one had heard of?

    An Austrian house painter with a stupid moustache who liked to give two hour speeches?

    Who knew?

    The South China Sea territorial dispute involved multiple countries and has steadily escalated. China, the big boy, is adamantly objecting to any international involvement to resolve the matter and instead seems to be relying on its growing relative power to allow it to resolve the situation militarily in the future.  Its adversaries are responding by forming alliances and trying to link up with larger outside powers - note for example Vietnam suddenly making super nice with the US of all countries!

    In any event, prior to WWI and WWII, our defense spending were very low. When this country needs to move, we can ramp up quickly. What we don't need to do is maintain an imperial army when there is no world war.

    May I suggest that it may be more cost effective in blood and treasure to maintain a strong military so potential adversaries don't start fights we need to finish?

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