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    Still, I want to take a moment to differ with apocalypticism - human extinction is one of the most unlikely of all scenarios

    Human extinction is one of the most likely scenarios. You have to look at the facts:

    a: Homo sapiens are infants in the grand scale of things. All those thousands of species that go extinct every year? Most of them have survived longer  than we have.

    b: Homo sapiens are alpha predators. Not plants, not bacteria, not insects (the most successful biological entities). Alpha predators are the most likely organisms to go extinct because a failure anywhere in their food chain means death.

    c: the bigger they are the harder they fall. Walk into the "woods" near you. Or actual honest to god woods. How many wolves do you count? Bears? Mountain lions? Wildcats? Most alpha predators require miles of territory to sustain themselves.
    We require massive resources to stay alive. Right now technology allows us to survive. When that fails?

    d: Technological dependance. A blight that didnt even annihilate the crops of ireland caused a crisis that nearly destroyed its people. Yet its people were still selling crops overseas for profets. America could feed the planet and End starvation singlehandedly. We dont. Rather we prey on the weak for their resources while they starve. What do you think happens when we have a wheat blight due to global warming. Or universal crop failures as the climate changes permanently? Youo think we help each other get through? Or go to war, destroy even more of our capability, and end up worse.

    We are overpopulated and as a race are infantile on the level of chimps. Narcissism greed and avarice have become our "virtues" and aspirations.

    The central theme of evolution: Nature adapts. Nature will indeed adapt and rebound. that doesnt mean we'll be a part of the picture. Ask the tyrannosaurus. Ask the blue whale. Ask the wolf the tiger the mountain lion.

    E coli is doing quite well thank you. And wont emit a single "Hmm" when we're gone. It will simply going back to being an evolutionary success. Something we failed at.

    I am an excellent whore. -- CWalter

    by cdreid on Mon Aug 16, 2010 at 05:03:25 AM PDT

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