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    ... burden of proof ... reasonable people can disagree about the possibly or probably supply of natural gas in the US over the next twenty or fifty years ... but anyone stating certainty about natural gas supply over the twenty to fifty year time frame either has been sold a bill of goods or is peddling one.

    As far as the brown hordes ... I see no reason why we know that we won't be among the refugees if worst comes to worst. And people who imagine "fortress America" often still fantasize that the US lives on our own resources and exports a surplus abroad, when in reality our resource footprint substantially exceeds our own nation's biocapacity.

    So refugees do not have to spill over our borders to cause massive dislocations to our current economy: they need only disrupt our present sources of resources from abroad to gave massive dislocation to our economy as we have presently organized it.

    Sure, by switching back to two or three meat meals a week, we could in the abstract easily feed our population on our present resources ... but lining up our resources to accomplish that is a big problem. We rely on (10% imported) natural gas for ammonia based fertilizers and to dry corn ... if at the same time we are trying to convert trucks from diesel to natural gas so we can get food to supermarkets in the midst of a disruption in crude oil supplies, that is a mess.

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