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View Diary: Mosque Controversy is splitting the Right, not the Left. (67 comments)

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    I know jihadist groups have attacked/attempted to attack New York on many occasions. They however bear absolutely no connection with these Muslim American citizens who already live in New York and just need a larger mosque.

    Referring to this mosque as a "symbol of victory" for fanatic Muslims is just a really loaded way of portraying it. I don't mean to come across as the politically correct police just that it's a really inaccurate way to frame the debate because it is false and feeds into the right wing agenda at work here.

    I would also add that the owner (who was on George fucking Bush's Interfaith Dialogue Committee btw) has said he plans to build a 9-11 exhibition in the center and that it is mainly for the local community with free swimming pools and a gym, a library as well as the mosque.

    Also on your last point Muslims are not interested in making a point with this. As I mentioned Hamas which is about as extreme as you can get in Islamic terrorism allows Christian Churches in Gaza. If they considered the locating of religious sites to be a sign of victory why allow Christian Churches in Palestine?

    As the leader of Hamas said today when asked about it. There are Muslims in Manhattan and they need to have a place to pray especially during Ramadan where they are asked to attend a mosque 5 times a day for a month.

    I didn't mean to imply to were racist in my previous comment (obviously you are not) just that you seem to have a view that this center is a deliberate provocation to Americans instead of just something that's needed in the area by Muslim Americans.


    Non Violence is fine... so long as it works. - Malcolm X

    by Dr Marcos on Mon Aug 16, 2010 at 04:22:12 PM PDT

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      But that doesn't matter too fanatics...for me it really is a non-issue...I'm more concerned with what Timmy and Ben have done to right the sinking ship today...

      We'll agree to disagree on whether the way I portrayed it as being loaded...because in reality that's how the fanatics are going to look at it....doesn't it mean it's it mean every Muslim in America is a radical...hardly...but to the recruiter and the recruited for jihad it's a beacon in the sky that's leads to martyrdom and seven virgins...

      With that being said I'll heed the heads up on being's noted....I just happen to be a straight shooter and it's hard not to see that particular angle in that way...considering the history and background around it with fanatics....

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