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  •  the laziness (none)
    would be thinking that there is nothing to do when the election are long off.

    Elections are about politics, and politics is all day all year.... that's the whole issue of trying to frame and think in terms of cognative science, we are not dealing with winning a football game where you need to practice just at the right time... we are talking about changing how people think, inventing new ideas robust enough to shape whole centuries... there is time for just a little bit of Computer Solitaire and blogging (built in irony!)... other than that, get to work!

    •  They don't... (none)
        It appears they're akin to seasonal workers, in that they're hired to do jobs during the campaign season and not afterwords. The jobs needing doing year-round are already covered by permanent staff.

        I read that section of the letter as pretty clear: They're got jobs, but nothing to do, so they do make work -- and not even assigned make work.

        Which means the problem isn't with them, but their supervisors -- up the chain to Donna, apparently.

      •  ok, that's sensible (none)
        and furthermore... the DNC is for running campaigns... probably this thinkwork should happen elsewhere (and they can hire DNC staffers)...

        still... IF you work for the DNC and are twiddling your thumbs, and you tell your superviser and she comes up with nothing... I still say there is a lot to be doing.  Crafting blog posts would be better than nothing.

        again... I build in the irony.

        •  Well (none)
            One of the complaints -- aired elsewhere, not just in this letter -- about Donna is she's not terribly good in her current role.

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