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  •  I agree (3.50)
    Ms. B is really useless.  How many precincts can she carry?  I wonder if Gore really took any of her advice or if she was just window dressing.

    I know this sounds tight but the DNC staff, I know for a fact, is loaded with all sorts of people with no political skills, act like their jobs are some sort of divine contract and are connected in some way.  Sounds like the Mafia.

    Dean should clean house and bring in those fired up, energized folks who have been with him since the start.  He should also move some of the operational staff to Charleston, Il or someplace where the cost of living is low and staff can afford to live.  No need keeping them in DC, where you get what you pay for in staff.

    Many Democrat type organizations in DC are just the same, loaded with untouchables of all kinds, shapes and sizes.  Unions have this same problem.  They are loaded with staff who don't know or care to do their jobs.  Thats ok elsewhere, but not in the engine room of our national party.  The Unions also.

    Run em' out, open an office in Charleston, Il and get to work.  Those folks in Charleston who are fighting for no benefit min wage WalMart jobs would love the work, and do it better.  Besides, who better to help input on the Heartland but real people from the Heartland.

    Donna, take break, get a job at Fox,  we wouldn't want you to break a sweat.

    •  I'm gonna run with this idea. (none)
      What about a travelling DNC HQ!??!

      Three months here, Two months there.  

      Set up shop.  Get local.  etc?
      Totally do-able but waaaaay to out on a limb to risk the bad publicity???


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