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  •  BUNK ! (none)
    It is racist read the article I just posted below.

    They selected 10 to fire and they were ALL BLACK.

    In less than ten year the Black staff of the DNC has dwindled from 50% to barely 12%.

    •  What % should it be? (none)
      I think 12% is about the proportion of African-Americans in the general population. Since they make up a larger portion of Democratic voters, is 20% appropriate? 25%?

      If we're going to make an issue of percentages, we should have a reasoned idea of what's fair.

      the spirit is restored by wounding

      by jd in nyc on Tue Feb 01, 2005 at 06:47:45 PM PST

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    •  Good statistic (4.00)
      I wonder how many lazy, incompetent white staffers are at the DNC, working on their night jobs from their day job desks? More than one I bet. But no one ever says, "Oh, well they only get to keep their jobs because they're WHITE." Even though that is the truth! Don't front - white people got their own affirmative action, they just keep quiet about it. How many unqualified, incompetent, downright stupid white people do I have to run into in the course of doing business before I file a suit for discrimination? And the best part is, lots of white folks actually get PROMOTED for being ineffectual! Just to get them alone in their little corner office and out of the sphere of influence. So I don't want to hear about how wrong it is to keep unqualified black people on the job until we start talking about EVERYONE who is unqualified. I did donate money to the DNC and am all for rooting out waste of all complexions. Until then, more power to the incompetent black folks who can keep their jobs using the same hustle as their white counterparts.

      Pardon me (for speaking the truth from my perspective and that of others)...just an angry black chick blowing off some steam. Some of my best friends are white - for real! While rightly debatable in substance, in tone that post was insensitive and should never have been published without attribution. Whoever did it is a hater.

      Fight terrorists wherever they be found/Well why you not bombin Tim McVeigh's hometown?? - Michael Franti

      by missreporter on Wed Feb 02, 2005 at 05:16:13 AM PST

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