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  •  Thank you KO (4.00)
    This made me so sick to my stomach and sad when I read it.  How can anyone get past the first couple of paragraphs and think this is what our party stands for?  You're right, if it is then it's not my party.  If it is I've been fooled for a very long time.  The royal 'we' is no one I want to know or thought I knew if 'we' are emblematic of the Democratic Party.

    Remember that big controversy during 2003 about the firing of all those African American workers at the DNC? 'They' weren't fired, and 'they' were not let go because of 'their' race. 'Their' jobs were non-essential during the down period after any election.

    But Donna rallied to save 'their' jobs, protesting publicly and embarrassing the Chairman. She won't tell you that some untouchable staffers have so much time on 'their' hands 'they' are selling products for 'their' home businesses from 'their' desks. (Imagine if donors saw that shit happening inside the building they just paid for?) And before you even go there, this is not a black-white thing. It's a can't-afford-people-with-political-godmothers-to-sap-our-resources thing, whatever their race.

    Yesterday I learned on Kos that the NAACP is a special interest group and today I find out that Jesse Jackson is a shyster.  I wonder if anyone has filled Jesse Jackson in on who he really is.

    Absolute executive power absolutely tortures.

    by caliberal on Tue Feb 01, 2005 at 05:40:06 PM PST

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