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  •  and how (none)
    did Black staff went from 50% in 2002 to 13% in 2003 that is a bit hard to swallow... this is what seems to have gotten the tongues wagging.
    •  Well (4.00)
        My department -- a grand total of about 60 people, ignoring management -- went from about 60% female to about 15% female in less than a year.

        We outsourced part of our IT group, which was comprised mostly of females, and we had two quit and one get promoted.

        I suppose that means our mangement is a bunch of social rejects wanting to live back in the day when all women were secretaries.

        Dude, it happens. Especially in high-turnover organizations like the DNC, whose staff levels fluctuate wildly from year to year.

        You're still just taking Donna's word for it, without any way to verify ANYTHING.

        If black staffers made up 50% of the DNC workforce because they'd hired 200 people (swelling their workforce to 300) and 100 of them were black in 2002, and then cut back to 100 in 2004 (losing every one of the new 200) it'd have the exact same effect on those numbers.

        Accusations of racism shouldn't be tossed about without hard evidence. Donna's say-so isn't really enough. Proof's easy enough to obtain, especially for someone as highly placed as she is.

        All you need is access to HR records and you can prove if low-performers were retained while high-performers were fired, with the obvious pattern being race.

        Since she didn't provide them, and instead just used statistics (lies, damned lies, and statistics), I'm thinking she didn't have jack shit except for turf to protect.

        I've seen managers trot out numbers just like that to "prove" their department was getting cut to the bone. The only difference being that Donna was crying racism and my managers were crying favoritism.

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