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  •  The label "untouchable" (none)
    applies to the black people here because it is the black people who are being protected [according to the letter writer].

    I think your're reading way too much into this letter about a rather narrow situation at the DNC.  Employees resent other employees who have special privileges, expecially due to cronyism, regardless of race.  

    •  When does racism exist? (none)
      Only when someone is burning a cross on your lawn?

      This is the wierdest thing most rational being admit that racism exists but when confronted with it is amazing how many turn a blind eye. What racism with only in theory?

      •  *snort* (none)
          I have a friend, whose a bit on the small side for a guy.

          He takes offense at the most innocent comments, because he feels someone is making fun of his size -- even if they aren't.

          Now, since I've personally WITNESSED people assume racism, assume mockery, assume discrimination when none was there, I'm aware it happens.

          Stop acting like we're blind to racism. We're not seeing it. You are. Maybe we're wrong, maybe you are, but stop acting like a holy fucking avenger.

          I'm not going to assume racism is the motivator for all things done to or for black people, and I'm not going to assume it's never the case.

          In this, there appears to be nothing to suggest the author was racist, although a bit pissed that Donna was protecting ONLY black employees from routine termination.

        •  because only BLACKS were fired (none)
          perhaps you can read the fucking article with the facts first
          •  *snort* (none)
              BULLSHIT. The DNC downsized the bulk of their staff after the election, like they do every election every fucking seasonal business in the world does.

              "Read the fucking article". Which one? The one at the top of the page? Or some magical one out of your own ass? How about linking to this special article?

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