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  •  The problem (none)
    with AA is that while it levels the playing field, it also creates a gulf the size of the grand canyon between black and white workers. It happens in office settings as well as factories, including mine, where everyone is a liberal democrat.  If it's a traditionally white profession where it's hard to recruit qualified nonwhite candidates, and an unqualified black candidate lands in the slot, it's more of a problem, but even if everyone's qualified, there's a constant walking-on-eggshells feeling on both sides.  It's less of a problem with gender/sexual harassment, and I'm not sure why.  I think it may be because the law isn't as aggressive about punishing gender cases except in the most egregious circumstances.

    Not the intended result, yet, as I posted above, I believe AA is necessary until society can find a better way to level the playing field.  That's not going to happen, though, until we (black and white) can talk about race without screaming at each other.  I have no problem with the language of the letter.  It's blunt, but it's nothing compared to urban black talk radio shows.  I do have a problem with the circular firing squad aspect of it.

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