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  •  What is the first word of my comment? (none)
    I did not, in any way, read that these workers were untouchables ala, the caste in India.

    It is racist and if you can't see that then it goes to show that there is still a big problrm with racisn in this country. is it so prevalent that people can't or refuse to see it any more.

    •  That's a craptastic argument (none)
      So, your position is: If you don't agree with my opinion, it's because there's such a big problem, that you're blinded to the undeniable truth of my position.

      I don't think it's possible to have a reasoned discourse on a subject when that's the response.

      •  You didn't even read my first response (none)
        I specifically said that this had nothing to do with the caste system in India yet you contributed me to saying such.

        If you want to debate at least read the comments first.

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