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  •  STUPID WHITE MEN/WOMEN! Shame on you! (none)
    99% percent of you whiteys are racist for the simple fact that you assumed the anonynmous "party insider" was "WHITE"

    Is it impossible to conceive in your reality that the anonymous party insider might just possibly  have been BLACK?

    You know, even though there clearly are not many participating on this thread, there are still a few black "insiders" in the Dem leadership (ever hear of the CBC?), and a lot more who vote Democratic, and are completely fed up with Dems loosing constantly.

    And Blacks are about the only ones left in the democratic party who still have the balls to tell it like it really is, and fight on.

    Have you kossacks ever watched the Chappelle Show? Hey: Is it racist for a black to accuse another black of being a house-nigger, or an uncle tom?

    [OOPS!] [Embarrassment]  Step away from the keyboard. You're all busted!

    Like what if just MAYBE a John Conyers, or Jesse Jackson Jr, or Stephanie Tubbs Jones was fed up off with her lack of action and MIA status on the vote security office she was supposed to be overseeing for the 2004 election, or

    What if it was Sheila Jackson Lee, or a Charles Rangel, or a Barbara Lee, who might have been outraged by her Fox-friendliness  and ineffectiveness on the media as a betrayal to her party and her race.

    Noooo.  Nobody besides a Stupid White Man can be a Democrat insider.

    Yes. Racists.

    Now Start thinking, and start behaving like winning  (not whining)  Democrats, not crypto-Dixiecrats.


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