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    wilderness voice

    never actually bought and read any of Elaine Pagels' books, but I know of them and have read lengthy reviews and criticisms, and suspect I'd like them a lot. Maybe one of these days I'll find some of her books in the bargain bin outside the Little Switzerland (or Montreat, or Junaluska, or Ridgecrest) used book stores. Like I found a 2-volume original edition set of Riehold Neibuhr's "The Nature and Destiny of Man" and eagerly bought 'em both for a mere $100. and the 1965 annual compilation of Jung's Eranos Society, "The Mystic Vision." You just never know what might turn up around here, where there's more theologians per square mile than any other place in the world... ;-)

    But I CAN say with time-honored enthusiasm that I was and still am a great fan of Pagels' husband Heinz, who tragically died climbing a mountain when most of us fans were eagerly awaiting his further findings about the nature of the universe he loved so much.

    Now, more than ever, we need the Jedi.

    by Joieau on Wed Aug 18, 2010 at 02:16:07 PM PDT

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