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    wilderness voice, XNeeOhCon

    Oh PULEEZE, you are no more the final word on truth justice or than the American way than any of us.

    Who in the hell said I am? Pray tell, how does openly making a case for things I believe require me to believe that I am "the final word on truth justice or than the American way"? You just can't see through your own atheophobia.

    You know how fundies want to convert everyone to their "truth"? You are different how?

    Well, I'm not particularly interested in "converting everyone to my 'truth,'" for one thing. Not that you care what I am actually claiming.

    But your argument is simply laughable. You seriously think that making our case in public renders critics of religion indistinguishable from fundamentalists? What utter horseshit.

    I do not shoot doctors. I do not fly planes into buildings. I do not disown my children (or subject them to torture) for being gay. I do not launch holy wars. I do not attempt to have my atheological ideas written into legislation, or to make the government of this country antitheistic. I do not support writing "We Know There Is No God" on currency, or "under atheism" into the Pledge of Allegiance. I do not obstruct harmless and valuable research under the guise of moral concern. I do not oppress women. I do not advocate that rival irreligious factions be denied their First Amendment rights. I do not claim to have inerrant knowledge derived from the Creator of the Universe.

    There. Those are a very small number of the ways in which I am "different" from religious fundamentalists, a group that has perpetrated (a theistic mirror image of) each of the above. (There are countless more examples.) The willful blindness you require in order to ignore the vast, categorical differences between fundamentalists and critics of religion is just shocking.

    Truth on your side? Reality?

    It very much appears that way, yes. Do you not think that some beliefs are more in tune with reality than others? Or do you just deny atheists the right to argue that theirs fit that description?

    We ALL find our own truth about spirituality, about the world around us and our place in it, it is part of living.

    How nice. Some people are wrong. That's a logical necessity. That you find the argument "I think you're mistaken" to be a brutal moral transgression is not our problem.

    I would never ever presume to tell anyone their way is wrong, not my place and certainly not my"duty".

    I call bullshit. I submit that you are perfectly willing to tell a Fred Phelps or Sarah Palin that "their way is wrong." You just think you have the power, and the right, to protect your favored groups from having to suffer the horrendous pain of someone openly disagreeing with them.

    I have my own life and my own truth to find and so do you.

    Big deal. If your "truth" includes the notion that the globe is not heating up, or Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in 2003, or Barack Obama was born in Kenya, your "own truth" is simply wrong. That's how truth works, and the mindless postmodern nonsense you are trying to force on everyone but yourself is worthless.

    If we all have our "own truth" to find, perhaps our "truth" is that yours is not true. Hey, Mr(s). "not the final word on truth justice or than the American way," by what authority can you say that I'm wrong?

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