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    as I viewed my "Great Awakening" back during the Cuban Missile Crisis. 6th grade, rural upstate New York. I was the only 'military brat' in the class, Dad (we called him The Commander) had recently retired. A new boy came into class, an Army brat who had been evacuated from Gitmo with his Mom at the start of the crisis. First time we were ever allowed to watch television all day instead of do school work - everybody just knew we were all going to die, including my father, my new friend's father, all our parents and teachers. Everybody.

    My new friend and I were somewhat bemused by all this, never really thought for a moment they were really going to blow us all to hell because they couldn't make any money at it. But... but if they did decide to do it, we decided we'd prefer to be right there in the middle of the bullseye so we could kiss that sucker on the way down. Drop it or stay at home, don't just play around endlessly with people's fears! Turned me hard against manufactured fear, and has served me well ever since.

    Some things in life truly are very, very scary. A parent's worst nightmare, the one you push hard out of your mind when all the day to day worries start piling up. Is there enough money to pay the mortgage? To buy food? To pay the bills? What if my kids don't get into college? What if they get into real trouble? Once you've faced your worst fears up close and uncomfortable as hell, nothing seems all that scary anymore. It's all gravy.

    Now, more than ever, we need the Jedi.

    by Joieau on Thu Aug 19, 2010 at 03:01:09 PM PDT

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