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  •  American "conservatives" have destroyed (15+ / 0-)

    the very things conservatism as a philosophy seeks to preserve--social institutions that maintain enough order and unity to allow society to function.

    Democracy, for example, depends on some degree of faith and submission to (or cooperation with) rule of law and elections.  Markets depend on creating a social environment in which people feel free to enter into economic transactions with others based on some degree of trust that they know what the rules are and that they'll be enforced.  Same goes for families and private organizations--and these days, conservatives seem preoccupied with keeping "others" from participating rather than strengthening our social ties (marriage equality? civil discourse? honesty?).

    It's sad when I, a pretty liberal guy, value marriage and religion and commerce and our country (who's talking secession these days?) more than so-called "conservatives."

    One reason our compromises and conciliation don't work any more is because the right no longer actually values any of those things as much as they value power.  They've abandoned even things like honesty, courage, sacrifice, integrity, knowledge, etc. in their quest for power.  

    There's nothing left in their souls or minds to appeal to.  

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