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  •  But the democratic leaders (6+ / 0-)

    don't seem to understand this any more than the media does.  They think they are just in a battle to keep their seats or win a seat or two.  It dismays me no end that Obama doesn't seem to get this, even when the republicans say it out loud as they have now for 10 years.  They aren't interested in working for the good of America, but in tearing it apart and building their own lesser version, where white men are kings again.

    What do we do, when even the leaders that we look to do not understand what is at stake?  

    What do we do?

    •  why do you think he doesn't understand? (10+ / 0-)

      He continually talks about them being obstructionists and standing on the side, putting us in the ditch, etc. etc. pretty much on every Saturday radio address and as often as possible in his speeches as he goes around the country but has to do so without being ugly about it.  The average American doesn't want the President to be in a dog fight every day with these assholes.  So he works around them and calls them on their bullshit after the work is done.  

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