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  •  It's a timeless, recurring deal. (9+ / 0-)

    M. Scott Peck, the pop-psychiatrist who wrote "The Road Less Traveled," had another book in which he explored the idea of evil from a psychiatric perspective.  His idea was evil flows from a sort of narcissism in the sense that a person can be so threatened by and intolerant of reality that they cannot accept it.  So they lie, to theselves and others.  When this becomes so ingrained that a person lacks the psychological resources to perceive and accept themselves and the world as they are, they lose their ability to respond to, among other things, other people's suffering and their own part in creating it.  They lose their ability to see and correct such mistakes and in order to justify them, work very hard to maintain them.


    The right has cultivated and exploited this so effectively it's become the dominant feature of their subculture with no other "wing" of the GOP to rein them in or hold them accountable.

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