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  •  It's really corporate vs. worker. (11+ / 0-)

    Bush was a transitional president in that the corporatocracy made great, probably irreversible strides during his 8 years.  The rest is just noise.

    And we amplify the noise for the republicans. I have rarely heard the blogs talk about where the jobs have actually gone.  And why they aren't coming back.  This is what we should be using to combat the repubs.  Not amplifying their talking points about the mosque or whatever they are pontificating about today.

    •  This is, at the core a battle of just that. (6+ / 0-)

      The right wants to crush the middle class, and they are doing a hell of a job at it.

      They are latching onto every hot button social issue, one after another to fool most of Americans who are too stupid to realize that voting for Repugs is voting against their own best interests.

      They get distracted by the idiotic, like Dan Quayle making a fuss about 'Murphy Brown', to the fear of the 'Islamic' threat. In between, a woman's right to privacy, the LGBT community, the 'illegal aliens' - that and more all ramped up into a hysterical stew of insanity.

      The right wing has perfected their media machine quite well, and feed it the lies as needed.  

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