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  •  Have you thought about it (0+ / 0-)

    as the Conservatives just made their home in the Dem
    Party and all that is left of the Republican Party
    is the 27% or so of the "know nothings" that have
    resided in this country since its inception?  So we
    have a bloated Democratic Party that is "home" to the
    liberal and the conservative povs.  otoh we have a
    Republican Party that has taken the corporate and
    racist stance; unfortunately for the Dems, message is
    hijacked half the time by the conservatives in the
    party and the Republicans can stay on message since
    they are "pure".  The old time Republicans are getting
    tossed to the curb on a regular basis now.  msm
    doesn't help the 67% of the people since they are
    beholden to corporate structure, so the Tea Party gets
    full attention while the few crumbs thrown to the
    Dems are diluted with mixed messages.

    I remember in 1984 thinking that the election was going
    to be the most important in my lifetime.  I think I
    can make a case that the 1984 election solidified the
    neoliberal economic process that we still are burdened
    with.  In my mind Clinton was the best Republican
    President in the 20th century and Obama has followed
    that tack as well.  We are already dealing with a
    dysfunctional Congress, a Supreme Court that affirmed
    corporate rights in our elections, a DOJ that enough
    embedded Bush appointees to hijack any major reform.
    Whether the Dems hang on to Congress or not, the next
    two years are going to look an awful lot like the last

    •  Democrats have made some inroads into (1+ / 0-)
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      traditionally 'red' areas.

      In years past, liberal Democrats of stature came from these red States, but the Democratic Party machine will not allow liberals to run in places that are 'red' - perfect example is Rahm Emanuel and his influence on House races.

      There are exceptions, sure.

      But overall the trend of the Democratic National Party in the past 4 decades has been to quash attempts by liberals or progressives in red/rural areas.

      I honestly believe that this reaction is a direct result of George McGovern campaign of 1972: people inside the Democratic Party said 'never again' will we let people like McGovern gain a foothold.

      It's killing the Party,
      it's tearing it apart.

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