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  •  This started back in the 30s, even earlier (2+ / 0-)
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    quotemstr, apimomfan2

    with the 'Red Scare'. Limbaugh is just a modern day version of Father Coughlin.

    I don't hate Democrats, but I think many of them are weak and timid, concerned more with polls than what is right. Many of them believe in the nonsense of Trickle Down economics, which is what drives the right at its core, as well.

    •  It started with Hitler, Stalin, Marx and Engels (1+ / 0-)
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      the times when real kings couldn't be anymore beneficial dictators and smart-assed people start thinking that guys like the above might have been possibly "beneficial dictators" for the poor. After that started all the lying about the virtues of freedom, as if a "dictorship of 'freedom lovers'" is impossible.

      Winning the heart and minds of poor people with military occupations and threats accompanied by the lying ideologies of 'freedom lovers' is so screwed up, that all you get is mentally disturbed people.

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