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View Diary: FL-25: Wacked out or just criminal? The GOP's probable nominee (51 comments)

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    Sandy on Signal
    Could it be any worse for a candidate???  Holy cow. If we can't beat this guy by at least 20 points, something is seriously wrong.
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      We're talking about my home state of Florida, here, former home of hanging chads and STILL the home of a robust good-ol'-boy network in Tallahassee (and much of the rest of the state).

      Tea Party whack-job Marco Rubio was actually going to trounce Charlie Crist, the current Governor of the state, in the Republican primary and forced Crist to either out-tea-party Rubio or abandon the party. Rubio was already too far to the right to out-do in the crazy department, so Charlie had to become an independent. Crist had been trending to the right a lot in order to try and get in good with the Republican base (and some speculated to try and get the nod to be McCain's running mate before he chose Sister Sarah) and has actually been a reasonably popular Governor (something that would normally be a big feather in your cap to run for another office) but he wasn't conservative enough for the right-wingers in this state, hence Marco Rubio.

      Anyway, there's ALREADY something "seriously wrong" with much of this state, so unfortunately, anything's possible.

      Never has so much been taken from so many by so few for so long...

      by JWSwift on Wed Aug 18, 2010 at 01:40:14 PM PDT

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