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View Diary: Rove compares American Muslims to neo-Nazis and skinheads (100 comments)

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  •  The vast majority of the American people believe (2+ / 0-)
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    Into The Woods, Matt Z

    that Dubya was a disastrously bad president, Turd Blossom.
    The vast majority of the American people believe that he is responsible for the economic crisis of 2008, when he was president.
    The VAST majority of the American people believe that he and his criminal co-conspiritors, including you, Karl, lied the nation into a calamitous war "of choice" which is still causing untold harm and waste of our national blood, treasure, and reputation.
    The VAST MAJORITY of the American people believe that you should be in jail because they don't live in your Fox News bubble-land.

    •  Real Message: All Rights Subject to Majority (2+ / 0-)
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      Matt Z, smileycreek


      First, the fact that our Constitution guarantees "freedom of religion" and a "right of freedom of expression" as Rove describes them is not subject to consent of the current majority.  

      Yet that's how Rove sets up the question, by burying that assumption in his remarks:

      The vast majority of the American people believe there is freedom of religion in our Constitution and that right of freedom of expression would be best exercised by not building it here.

      The right is a right - unrelated to how a majority might vote how or when to excercise it.

      It's an old GOP propaganda trick, they use time and time again: bury the lie in the lead-in or hypothetical so it does not get challenged, then progress immediately to the controversial question that attracts all the heat and attention.  

      Second, if a right is subject to majority vote on when or how or under what circumstances it is "prudent" to excercise, it's not a right, it's a mere gratuity that can be given or withheld on the whim of a transient majority.  

      That's an idea that is so fundamentally bad, it's not just Republican, it's unAmerican.

      It's the kind of concept that was just struck down concerning Prop 8 in California.

      Third, if what he's saying is really how things are, Rove should at least provide details on how we are supposed to ask for our hall pass to excercise our unalienable Constitutional Rights.  

      It would simplify things and avoid disappointment and misunderstanding concerning what rights are really held by whom and from whom they are endowed.

      There are rights everyone has that we think it’d be prudent to not exercise them at certain times.

      The lines to petition Mr. Rove for his approval of your request to excercise your Constitutional rights form on the Right.  

      Please make sure you are in the correct line, have completed all your necessary paperwork and are ready and able to turn over the full application fee.

      Discouraged? Disillusioned? Think about the roots of those words. Then take courage and resolve to avoid illusion.

      by Into The Woods on Wed Aug 18, 2010 at 08:07:33 PM PDT

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