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  •  I feel very badly ... (0+ / 0-)

    for the families that may see this as an issue. But in the end, it is a freedom issue. And we gain nothing by pretending that they could just be more sensitive if ...

    It's a community center. We need to buck up and deal as a nation. Not sure if anyone proposed a whites-only club near the Oklahoma City site, but I doubt there would have been a hullabaloo.

    I'm white beyond most imagination. My friends in high school called me the marshmallow. I remember being mocked for wearing white stockings with black skirt when I'd just forgotten stockings at all for a dress rehearsal. (Glad I shaved, I suppose.) My kids were darker than me out of the womb (yay for Native American heritage!) I'm literally allergic to sun.

    And yet this hostility toward not white horrifies me. I don't buy that it's purely "Muslim." Obviously, most of the same people panicking over mosque are opposed to those darned "illegals," meaning those illegals who aren't white enough.

    But, as I said, I'm whiter than white. Come by it honest, and I know my ancestors faced "No Irish need apply" so screw all of that. Wasn't right then. Isn't right now. Even my German and Dutch ancestors were Catholic and faced discrimination. Is the answer to continue this nonsense?

    I don't want to not sympathize, because I do. But irrational opposition to community center, no matter how emotionally legitimate, isn't good policy.

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