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  •  Er... WoT (none)
    Such a love/hate thing. The first, I would say 5 books, are great. After that they start to devolve a bit (6 is still ok). I gave up on the series eventually. He's still writing them too.

    I would strongly recommend George R R Martin. His Song of Ice and Fire series is excellent. It starts with "A Game of Thrones." It's got a very realistic, historical feel to it and the fantastic elements compliment, but don't overwhelm the story. Also GRRM was a Kerry/Edwards fan, he had a link for them on his site during the campaign and wrote a heart breaking piece on 11/3.

    Also, since I'm at it I would recommend: Watchmen by Alan Moore, which if you like Niel Gaiman you would probably enjoy this (if you haven't read it already). Good Omens by Gaiman with Terry Prachet, very funny.

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    by iambaytor on Tue Feb 01, 2005 at 09:28:45 PM PST

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