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  •  i am merely pointing out who owns the anti-nuke (0+ / 0-)

    industry by stating who pays Amory Lovins.

    It seems not to get through.   Some people, dangerous fossil fuel apologist anti-nukes all, seem to think Amory Lovins is a hero.

    On the contrary.   He's a pro-dangerous fossil fuel marketeer who does nothing for any reason other than money.

    •  ... (0+ / 0-)

      "We're running an advanced industrial economy on the remains of primeval swamp goo and dinosaur poop," ...... says. "There are more modern ways to do this that actually work better and cost less. The transition will be very advantageous for the businesses that lead it."

      "We could burn our last oil by sometime in the 2040s,"

      •  I would assume you are quoting the BP consultant (0+ / 0-)

        Lovins here, although, predictably, you're short on references.

        Everything Lovins says is garbage.

        Nothing that Lovins has predicted has actually come to pass; as a soothsayer, he's pretty bad, just like the rest of the "nuclear is dead" anti-nukes.

        He is been roundly ridiculed on this point by the much brighter, much better informed, and far more honest Vaclav Smil.

        I covered this point on another website where I write in a post called Wither the Steel.

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