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    Dr. LeGrow tells you exactly why he thinks you might want to support him:

    I am running for Congress to encourage the growth of the job market and support quality public education in Southside Virginia. I am running for Congress because I am absolutely convinced that the burning of fossil fuels is contributing to global climate change and putting the planet at risk for our children and grandchildren. I am running for Congress because we can no longer allow Wall Street and Big Oil gamble away our money and ruin our ecosystem. I am running for Congress because I believe in effective government that protects individuals but does not over-regulate and stifle initiative. I am running for Congress because I believe freedom of religion is a principle which should unite all of us in tolerance. With this goal in mind, I ask for your support in helping me make my case to the voters of Virginia's fourth congressional district.

    Nothing about his religious beliefs anywhere in there. Yes, I know, I know there is the matter of that big honking diary title!

    Dr. LeGrow--  If a Methodist, or Conservative Baptist, or Jodo Shinshu Buddhist, or anybody is running for elective office and thinks the first thing I ought to know about them is their religious beliefs, that's a strike against them in my book. That might be just me, but I don't think so. :-)


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