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View Diary: Atheist Digest ’10:  Ben Stein is a Moran:  The Retrospective Improbability Fallacy (64 comments)

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  •  Nice work. I tend to make a simpler argument. (6+ / 0-)

    If one has actually read the Bible - I mean really read it and understood what there is that is understandable (I'm givin' you the stink-eye, Golden Calf), with its incest, internal contradictions galore, codified and forced rape and childbirth, etc., etc., and still believes, I have only one question for them: Then why don't you still believe in Santa Claus?

    I mean, he hears your prayers/wishes in the form of your Christmas list, and he grants some of those wishes; why believe in your wish-granting Djinni and not this one?

    The overwhelming consensus of 2,000+ scientific experts from the IPCC& 18 US scientific assns: climate change is happening and is a growing threat to our wo

    by Cenobyte on Mon Aug 23, 2010 at 09:46:36 AM PDT

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