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  •  JayTee's diary on ADD was an eye opener for me (3+ / 0-)

    A question I wish I'd asked of everyone when that comment thread was going;

    Do you find that people say stuff to you which they later don't remember, things that you yourself couldn't imagine saying to another person and then forgetting having done so?

    •  I often forget conversations. (3+ / 0-)

      I can have an amazingly deep, intense conversation with someone for hours at a party but am more likely to remember them as the owner of their pet than I am to remember their name.

      It is deeply mortifying.

      Now, when I was pregnant I had no tact filter in place, which made life a lot more interesting. There are times, after all, where saying, "I think you're being an asshole" to one's spouse isn't the correct response, even if they are being a bit of an asshole right then. (wry grin) It was bad enough that when I told my husband I wanted my tubes tied and wasn't going to have sex with him until I had the surgery, he said that that was great because if I had gotten pregnant again he would have divorced me rather than lived through the pregnancy.

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