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View Diary: ENDA will End Not With a Bang, But with A Whimper (27 comments)

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  •  This will never be over until people learn to (2+ / 0-)
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    rserven, jpmassar

    accept that being TS is NOT about sex.  Not in the least.  It's them and their obsession with sex and their reflexive transference of their own holdups to us that's the problem.  "Oh, that person says that they're going to become the opposite sex?  Well, clearly they're just doing that so that they can spy on people in the bathroom or pick up people to sleep with!"  It's like burglars being obsessed with being robbed or adulterers being obsessed with the notion of their spouse cheating on them.

    Their perception of TS folk is so far from reality that if reality were in Times Square, their perception would be somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy.  But as long as they keep transferring their obsessions about sex to us, we're never going to have respect or equality.

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