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  •  I don't think that was the intent behind this law (3+ / 0-)
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    Sometimes you need to stop bank bashing, I agree they are bastards, but some of the laws that are on the books are not designed for this purpose, but rather to fight against encouraging folks to profit from breaking the law.

    All I am asking is, why did Mr. Bolling have his "cash" stored in a safe deposit box? Was he trying to hide that money, and why? Was it obtained by illegal methods? I think enquiring minds need to know, especially since he has made himself into a public figure, and let the world know he kept this money in his safe deposit box. Since he is calling for an investigation to where the money to fund this mosque is coming from, I think it is important to know that he has clean hands. Isn't that fair when you are making accusations towards others?

    •  I'm not a bank basher (1+ / 0-)
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      but the two go together.  Keeping money in increments in over $10,000 in cash, which is designed to block money laundering, also stops money from circulating.  From that clip, it looked like Bolling didn't have a large amount of money in there.  

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