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View Diary: MUST-SEE Jon Stewart: "Is Fox News a terrorist command center?" (Update 2X) (217 comments)

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    (i'm always posting before i can fully complete the thought...)

    i hate to say this, i =want= to be wrong, but now, =whereever= this mosque is built, it will probably be graffiti-ed, with, i don't know, swastikas, "this is america get out,", i don't know what. rocks through the window. it now won't matter =where= it is built!

    =and,= moreover, if the vandals manage to get caught, they will turn out to be from =outside= nyc... probably outside of the state, and they drove all the fuck way there just to do it.

    and =that,= i am sure, will be pretty well all the fault of fox/right-wing radio. but they will get off scot-and-blame-free.

    as long as they have money, they have power. bankrupt them. --- the oil industry is a cancer that must be destroyed.

    by theChild on Fri Aug 20, 2010 at 02:02:06 PM PDT

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