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View Diary: Update: SU Weighs In. DADT: Spouse Survey Revealed (244 comments)

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  •  As difficult and painful as it was to read (11+ / 0-)

    these questions, thank you for making us aware of some of what is in the survey, Clark. It is just as offensive and meant to drum up fear as the other infamous survey. The biased manner in which these are worded is clearly meant to provoke negative responses through the trigger of homophobic language. The more time passes by the more I fear we have elected a majority of Democratic politicians ranging from heterosexist to outright homophobic ones too.

    We, as LGBT people, will have to be more focused on electing only pro-LGBT members of Congress in 2010. There are many solid Democratic allies in the House and Senate, but it is obvious those women and men are not the majority. As a Gay man I have reached the point of 'outrage fatigue'. We have been so disappointed by so many of our officials who have failed us that it has become an expectation.

    The Democrats can & must do better. I can only speak for myself on this, but I will vote in the midterms for Democrats. However, if they retain their majorities, and still do nothing then I have no idea whether I'll vote again. This is truly a second chance, and if they mess it up again by showing complete deference on the collection of civil rights of our lifetime then they don't deserve a single LGBT vote in 2012.

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