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    with people who live in small, insular communities or attend insular churches or other community groups. Their availability of information is sharply curtailed and censored, and they are instilled with a fear of violation of that censorship. I just taught a class on deviance and social control last week, and we went into some detail about both the megachurch phenomenon and the People's Republic of China and their efforts to censor all outside information.

    The Mormon church does it, too - when my husband told his mother in no uncertain terms that no, he was NOT a Mormon and never would be, her wail was, "But you've STUDIED!" - meaning the Mormon-approved books she'd put in his bedroom every night for fifteen years. The problem for her was, she couldn't keep him completely insulated, and he had access to this thing we call a public library. It didn't take him long to see through the insular mindset of the Mormon church... but because his mother sticks to the books on the Approved List out of fear for her supposed "immortal soul," she'll never understand that. It's sad.

    There is an art to teaching that is independent of the subject matter. - daveinojai

    by Killer of Sacred Cows on Sun Aug 22, 2010 at 01:59:05 PM PDT

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