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View Diary: Fin.Upd. #9: The Week in Editorial Cartoons - Of Kings and Wingnut Clowns, with Special Comment (82 comments)

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  •  Well JekinH, out of the ballpark on this one. (13+ / 0-)

    Read your entire Special Comment (had to wait for it to show up).  There is a lot of meta today and people are talking past each other.  I read each thing you said and thought, check, check check.

    I wrote in a comment thread today...

    Ok I'm confused. I agree with this diarist. (1+ / 0-)
    But I have real and I believe legitimate concerns about the lack of fight in this administration.  Does this mean I don't like President Obama and won't show his office and him respect? No.

    But does this mean I should not protest and respectfully criticize policies, actions or direction  that in fact scare me?

    I strongly urge us all to GOTV! big time.  I am.  

    I want to send several messages:  Out with the scary fear monger talkers, in with people willing to push back the corporate shills, in with congress people who will push the administration back to the middle.

    Yes, there has been a lot accomplished.  And in easier times we would have the luxury of reflecting on all of those things.  This is  a time for broader strokes, and bigger initiatives, even if the Congress will not support them.

    If the Republicans take over while we have not brought Habeas Corpus back into our justice system, fixed access to privacy and civil rights, recess appointed judges, and agency heads to a least get some departments fixed, we turn over our government at the worst possible time.

    And yes it is about the economy.  We have some policies that any one or two of would help:  repeal Bush tax cuts; ending a war completely; Medicare for All; no caps on SS withholding and means testing;  getting all kids good education K - 18; real mortgage support = circulates money; lending for business = jobs; breaking up monopolies in any industry = more jobs and job security; and many more.

    We have a lot to do, we can not go from denial to despair as Al Gore famously said.  Let us stop in the middle and do something.  GOTV, and go to DC 10/02/10 if you can.  Support the effort if you can't.

    Thank you.

    A good answer back.

    The Conflict Between Message and Progress (1+ / 0-)
    This is  a time for broader strokes, and bigger initiatives, even if the Congress will not support them.

    From a messaging/branding/framing standpoint, I could not agree more.

    From a standpoint of trying to get anything done, it gets less clear.

    Would a bigger, broader initiative to help stimulate small business growth and employement be easier or more difficult to get into law?

    The Democrats that supported Obama (at least some) would likely be more supportive if they saw him taking more aggressive, more principled stands on a lot of issues.  

    But if we had not passed the Stimulus bill, Wall Street Reform and even Health Care Reform because he was holding out like Sen Feingold (who I deeply respect) for a better deal, would more voters really be flocking to Democratic candidates even if the economic situation was not worse than it is - or if it was much worse as would have been likely without action?

    Would voters be more forgiving if unemployement was at 9%+ but they thought Obama was fighting the good fight and proposing really good things?

    We might.  I doubt whether most voters would.

    My last word on this thread...

    Thank you for your thoughtful answer. (0+ / 0-)
    I think we need leaders.  As I look at the response to those who speak of things we are for with booming voices, Russ Feingold, Anthony Weiner, and Barak Obama as a candidate, we come out in droves and bring others with us.  My inspiration is the crowds at the nomination, the election and the inauguration.  Almost everyone wanted to be a part of the man and the message.

    I am deeply concerned and sorry about many of the staff in the WH, as they are hurting this earnest young president's trajectory, and closing him off.  He had to fight hard to get and keep a Blackberry.  He is in the bubble he was afraid of.  And to those who think it is easy for him to break out of that bubble, haven't been in that arena.

    The WH and cabinet seem to lack project management skill, messaging skills and organization.  Too often, the president, whether by his own choosing or poor group decision making, seem alone on point. I don't like it.

    All this said, the President is supposed to be the boss, and also delegate.  If it were me (as if I know anything) I'd have the Camp David staff retreat, and a skilled facilitator, work this kind of thing out. Then get them all out there.

    The people want to see effectiveness.  This is not what they are getting.  This is the big reason the wing nuts get toe, foot and leg holds on the messaging.

    Government has a role, and the people know it.  They want to see something work.

    In the comment thread to MB's diary today, for those who want the current administration to go after BushCo...

    There are some ipso facto things that need fixed: (3+ / 0-)
    Hard to hold them accountable, when the wars are continuing - what do we do about the soldiers in harm's way?

    Hard to hold them accountable when we haven't returned Habeas Corpus to its rightful place in justice.

    Hard to hold them accountable when we still have military commissions, rendition to countries we know commit torture and Gitmo. (I know the Senate is is big problem on this, so it is a political culture problem).

    Hard to hold them accountable when we continue to hire the criminal contractors who have even killed our fellow citizens

    I could go on. I am with MB on this.  I still remember and have screen shots of the total responses the Obama transition bunch got on their surveys of what citizens thought were the most important things to tackle.  In the top 5:

    - Hold BushCo responsible for war crimes. - Break up the banks (TARP had just been given out). - End the war in Irag and close Gitmo. - Build infra structure. - Help the middle class, jobs, mortgages.
    Nothing has changed.  The people are ahead of their elected representatives.

    I think you have nailed it and totally agree.  We need to be fully aware of what we want and push for those things.  I like your civilized approach and firmness in saying enough is enough with the hate and signboard speech.

    Sorry to go on here, but I am deeply worried, and blasting people for thoughtful analysis of missteps will not solve our problems.  We must open our eyes and go forward.

    Thank you so much.

    "Never, desist till we ... extinguish this bloody traffic, of which our posterity, will scarce believe that it suffered a disgrace and dishonor to this country.

    by Regina in a Sears Kit House on Wed Sep 01, 2010 at 02:55:50 PM PDT

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