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    of the Koch's-I had an interesting experience this morning.

    I had a doctor's appointment-and sure enough Fox News was on in the reception room.

    I asked the receptionist if she would mind if I changed the channel-she told me she was replacing a regular staff member-who was out sick-and didn't know how to change the channel.

    But to go ahead and change it.

    My husband reached up to change the channel-tried twice-in fact-and every time the tv shut itself off.

    Now that I think about it-I've made that request a few times in public-and every time-the proprietor has always turned the tv off instead of changing the channel.

    Anybody else ever had this experience?

    In either case I did some snooping.

    Directv supplies the tvs for restaurants-bars-hospitals-reception rooms etc.

    This is what I found-after just a cursory look-

    I know wikipedia is iffy but nonetheless-

    Koch-Murdoch-Fox News and News Corps is all over these articles.

    It appalls me to think of how much these people own-and how much they control.

    Does anyone know whether or not the channels can be changed on the tvs in public places?

    Do the Directv tvs automatically shut off if a channel change is tried?

    "We're embarrassing ourselves by being here." Omar Khadr

    by lyvwyr101 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 at 09:08:20 AM PDT

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      Faux Noise was on in croweded reception room, I asked receptionists if I could change it, and they said the doctors would not allow it to be changed! How a f-in 'bout that? I told them I couldn't listen to hate speech and propaganda that contravene my religious beliefs, and requested an alternative waiting area. They let me sit a side hallway. (By the time the docs worked thru the roomful of patients, I forgot to ream out my doc. DOH!)

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