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  •  old-fashioned lime plaster is plenty waterproof (4+ / 0-)

    Deep eaves, rain screen cladding, detailing to break capillary flow, crawlspaces, excellent passive ventilation, a French drain around the building perimeter, etc.: there's lots you can do to address moisture without having to turn to aggressive waterproofing which, if used improperly, can make things worse (mold). Look to traditional housing in tropical areas and the Deep South before the invention of air conditioning.

    If your building can breathe, moisture infiltration is less of an issue. Even the ultra-efficient Passivhaus standard in Germany doesn't hermetically seal houses - air quality is an important consideration - warm exhaust air is used to warm fresh intake air. It's only when moisture that gets in tends to stay in that waterproofing becomes essential.

    Whoever screams the loudest gets to decide what color the sky is.

    by rf80412 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 at 10:19:13 AM PDT

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