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View Diary: DADT: "I often wonder how alone or lonely my brother must have felt all those years." (35 comments)

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  •  These letters overwhelm me with powerful emotions (17+ / 0-)

    nearly everytime I read one of them. I recognize so many of the sentiments these family members are writing about as a Gay person. Coming out can be a scary and difficult process as it is through out the course of our lives w/o having to worry we will lose our job for it. You're doing a solid and upstanding thing by sharing these letters w/ the Kos community, Clark.

    This is one more wall we are all pushing as strongly as we can to knock down. I only hope and wish members of Congress and the President read these letters & internalize their messages of dignity, honor, and civil rights. There can be no compromise for the integrity of our Gay women and men serving in uniform, and thus, legislation must reflect that.

    These women and men (including many who have already been discharged) still have the fire and courage to want to be in the U.S. armed forces. Can President Obama, Congressional Democrats, and those few good Republicans show the same courage these Gay women and men do? For our nations national secuirty and supposed place as a beacon of hope and freedom they should stand up for them. Once and for all.

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