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View Diary: Alan Simpson: Social Security denialist, senior citizen hater (176 comments)

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  •  If The President Does Not Fire This Man He Will (5+ / 0-)

    not be elected in 2012 because women and the elderly will believe maybe rightly that President Obama plans on gutting social security.

    •  I don't know whether to hope you are right or not (1+ / 0-)
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      Virginia mom

      History suggests that a primary challenge to a sitting president throws the election to the opposing party -- look at Carter vs Ray-gun in 1980, in the wake of Ted Kennedy's presidential run that year.

      I would like a more democratic Democrat in the White House -- and I have no objection to Obama filling that role -- with a suitable change of heart -- although I admit that seems unlikely at this point.

      But the thought of a Rethug president in 2012, is, in any case, truly terrifying to confront; and it seems to me that such would be consequence of a primary challenge to Obama.

      Maybe he will decide he's had enough, and leave the field clear?  Would that be better or worse?  I leave it to others to debate.

      The hungry judges soon the sentence sign, And wretches hang, that jurymen may dine.

      by magnetics on Fri Aug 27, 2010 at 03:19:59 PM PDT

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      •  He may be weak and unprincipaled, but....... (1+ / 0-)
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        he seems to love the status and power. Of course, he doesn't use it for the good of the people who elected him into office. But he likes it nonetheless.

        The idea that he would graciously step down and make way for a more progressive candidate in 2012 is a fantasy!

        If primarying him means that the GOP wins...that would be horrible. However, is it just putting off the inevitable? If Obama is capable of winning in 2012...which I think is a really big IF. But if he does, then in 2016 a Repub will be elected. I can't see the population putting up with 8 yrs of Obama and not fleeing to the GOP....even if their candidate is Palin.

        •  Good observation and analysis, (1+ / 0-)
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          that doesn't seem to leave us any good choices.


          The hungry judges soon the sentence sign, And wretches hang, that jurymen may dine.

          by magnetics on Fri Aug 27, 2010 at 03:38:53 PM PDT

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          •  If there were truely a wave of disappointment in (1+ / 0-)
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            the Dem/Indpendent world, then maybe we could actually primary Obama and keep the Presidency Dem?

            Problem is even after everything that has gone down in the last 20 mos, I'm sure there are more people that like Obama than dislike him in the Dem Party. That would have to change. I guess?

            Yep. Crummy choices as it currently stands.  :)

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