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  •  Thanks, JaxDem. I gave a bit more yesterday (6+ / 0-)

    on Casual Weds' diary. I want to remind everyone (if there is anyone who doesn't know) today is the 5 year anniversary of the flooding of my town and the devastation of the coast. CV and I had already gone to Austin, and then traveled 6,000 miles around the country, meeting amazing, giving people just about everywhere we went. NOLA - and the coast - despite the oil, the economy, lack of medical care and more, is in a much better place. In fact, we were in a better place 5 years ago than those in Pakistan right now. I'm asking all from the coast and NOLA, and anyone else moved by our plight, if you need more reason, please give to the Pakistanis to honor those who suffered and died here. What better memorial can we have?

    •  Girl Friend... (5+ / 0-)

      I am amazed at all you and cv do for your beautiful NOLA...and I have read about the memorial - the symbolic burial - which of course brought on the tears for the Horror of Katrina that I thought were forever gone.

      Thank you both for your donations and a BIG thank you for encouraging others to support our Pakistani brothers and sisters - your pleas for help carry much weight.

      I stand in awe of the good that you and cv do.

      Blessings dear girl friend

      As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. John F. Kennedy

      by JaxDem on Sun Aug 29, 2010 at 09:34:13 AM PDT

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      •  You're too kind - thank you for those (3+ / 0-)

        words. If anyone in this household does good, it's CV. Overall, we hide out in our home and yard, slipping to friends' houses on occasion. I must say, unfortunately, I have had a fair amount of suffering so I have an idea of what those people in Pakistan are going through. I am fortunate I haven't experienced it to the level to which they now are forced. Our contributions can alleviate it only a bit, but that bit counts.

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