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View Diary: UPDATE: We just have to take it for ourselves. Nobody's going to help us. (136 comments)

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  •  Tipped, Recc'd and applauded! You hit it on the (12+ / 0-)

    head! Oh I hope you guys can drum up more and more support. I am seriously rooting for you to get wind farms, I'm from Indiana but close enough to Michigan to feel a solidarity for what you lost ... a lot of the same was lost here too. It's just mind boggling to me that this is considered a frightening thing by the makes so much sense to me.


    If you get people to work, that WILL get you elected. What's so hard to understand about that????

    Oh wait!
    If you're a pol that listens to people that don't NEED jobs (i.e. the wealthy elite and The Village elite) instead of people that DO, you might not.

    Good luck to you, and if there's anything I, a person also seeking work down in lowly Indiana can do to help, say!

    je t'aime mon ange, avec tout mon coeur

    by Remsicle on Sun Aug 29, 2010 at 09:44:10 PM PDT

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