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View Diary: "How will we explain our ignorance and our compliance to our grandchildren?" (229 comments)

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  •  so was (3+ / 0-)

    it was certainly religiously driven.

    the genocide of first nations people in north, south and central america as well as the caribbean; the making of chattel slavery as a foundational means of gaining wealth; the  oppression and exploitation of asians and latinos and even european immigrants until such time as they were able to gain the status of being deemed "white"... not to mention every beating, bombing, lynching and cross-lighting by the KKK...

    Yet there is not a single media cry against the building of churches or community centers by the people who are aligned or associated with those who are guilty of these things...

    If the issue for those complaining is the evil, they need to start with the person in their mirror; all manner of evil has been perpetrated by such... much of it sanctioned by those most obligated to fight it.

    If the issue is the evil...

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