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  •  Let's frame the issue carefully (3+ / 0-)
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    1.  Opponents of the GZ Islamic Center claim they acknowledge the legal right to have it built there.  Let's take that at face value, even though many of us suspect that's bullshit, i.e., religion is fine as long as it's mine, not thine.
    1.  However, opponents claim that the center desecrates hallowed ground.  To do that, it must be something that desecrates.  What is it about something Muslim that desecrates?   Obvioulsy something.
    1.  Opponents also claim it symbolizes Muslim victory, that it would be viewed by Muslims as a symbol of Muslim triumph.  That assums Muslims feel that 9/11 was a triumph or, more specifically, that it is correct for us to believe that Muslims consider 9/11 a triumph.

    Bottom line:  There's no case for us to be offended by the GZ Islamic Center unless we believe that Muslim things can desecrate certain locations by their mere propinquity, or that we are correct to conclude that a large cross-section of Muslims consider our tragedy to be their triumph.

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