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  •  Trying. The key word here is "Trying" (13+ / 0-)

    It wins you votes in future elections. It raises the point from which you begin negotiations, thereby increasing the likelihood of getting a better outcome.

    It makes people think you are on their side, and not their enemies.

    Re: Preexisting conditions. Have you ever heard of the phrase used in politics called "throw them a bone?"

    There are roughly four million people uninsured because of pre-existing conditions, and Democrats touted the new program as one of the best immediate provisions of health care reform. But the [ Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan]'s administrators have said they expect it to reach only 350,000 over the next three years. The program is run by the federal government in 22 states and by the state government in the rest.

    Kaiser Health News reported that 3,600 people have applied and about 1,200 have been approved for the PCIP. An obstacle is the program's steep premiums, which range from $140 to $900

    350,000 out of 4,000,000 is 8.75%

    Can you see why, yes hooray! hooray! 9 of 100 people covered is good, but 91 out of 100 NOT getting covered is not so good?

    Until we break the corporate virtual monopoly on what we hear and see, we keep losing, don't matter what we do.

    by Jim P on Mon Aug 30, 2010 at 04:46:10 PM PDT

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    •  You should try single payer (0+ / 0-)

      when you have 60 good democrats in the senate. Or when you have new rules in the senate.

      As Rumsfeld said, you go to war with the army you have. We have an army of half assed blue-dog dems and so we get half assed results. You want better results? then elect better dems first.

    •  Trying wins little, getting stuff done does. (0+ / 0-)

      Or good messaging combined with good luck.

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